AngelRock Jewellers 

From Genesis to Jewel 

Since 2002 

AngelRock Jewellers began in 2002, in Sydney, NSW. 

Celeste ('of the angels') and Peter ('the rock') learned traditional and innovative techniques of jewellery manufacture while apprenticed to award-winning Master Jewellers.  From our first days at the bench we shared a love of bringing our creative ideas into being, and often enjoyed working on designs together, bringing our individual skills and artistry together. 

 In 2013 AngelRock Jewellers moved to the Central Coast, NSW, where Celeste continues to hand make jewellery and has now learned to seed pearls at the local Broken Bay Pearls farm. Celeste loves natural gemstones and creating designs that symbolise the people and places they are made to represent. 

 Having previously completed a certificate in Gemmology, Practical Diamond Grading and a Diploma of Diamond Technology through the Gemmological Association of Australia, the rare opportunity for Celeste to become involved with Broken Bay Pearls was a delightful stroke of luck resulting from the move to the beautiful Central Coast. 

We enjoy working with you to tell your individual story with special pieces of jewellery. Beginning with a bespoke design, you can select the natural gemstones, and your choice of alloys, then have a unique piece of jewellery crafted for you. 

 AngelRock Jewellers is featured in the Gosford Regional Art Gallery's retail store, East Gosford, and is also available at regular exhibitions, events and by appointment. Contact Celeste if you would like to request a consultation or small group showing.